Dental Sports Injuries are More Common Today Than Ever Before


Children love to play sports as well as adults. There are many great Sports out there for people to enjoy, like basketball, football, volleyball, tennis, and many others. However, who participate in sports are more prone to dental injuries than other people. The American Dental Association reports that 39% of dental injuries are sports-related. Another shocking fact, approximately 80% of those injuries affect the front teeth. If you have sustained a sports-related dental injury, it is important to schedule a visit with the dentist Carrollton GA at once.

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Proper attention to dental problems is important. Failure to visit a dentist on a timely basis after an injury to the mouth can cause devastating effects. In fact, if you don’t go to the dentist immediately, it may cause permanent tooth loss. Many emergency dentists are available to provide service for injuries that occur due to sports if you’re unable to get an immediate appointment with your regular provider.

Many athletes use mouth guards to protect their teeth and mouth against injuries. However, studies have shown these are usually unstable, and probably fit, and do not protect the teeth as well as they should. Additionally, a mouth guard may restrict the airflow to the individual which can damage the teeth.  If you use a mouth guard to protect your teeth while playing sports, make sure that it is a piece that is orthodontist recommended and has a 3mm or better thickness to reduce worry.

But it is far more than a bad mouth guard that causes dental sports injuries. Contact sports and hard impacts to the face and the mouth can also contribute to broken teeth, chipped teeth, and other dental problems. Jarring teeth together is yet another cause of tooth-related problems while playing spots of any type.